Innovation Symposium

December 9, 2008
Engaged Innovation: Strategies for Enhancing Employee Participation in the Innovation Process

Even in today’s tough economic conditions, most firms recognise the importance of innovation as an imperative for long-term success. They also recognise that the innovation process requires widespread participation from employees across the firm and beyond, if it is to be effective.  

However, employee participation in innovation is not easy to achieve. Many firms have put in place suggestions schemes, ideation programmes, venturing units, and on-line forums, but the success rate of such approaches is mixed.  Employees face capacity and motivation issues around their participation.  And there is often a lack of follow-through in well-intentioned schemes.

To address these challenges, we are hosting an innovation symposium at London Business School.  The key issues and questions to be addressed are:

  1. How do you create an open and responsive environment in your organisation for generating and developing new ideas?
  2. What is the role of on-line tools for enhancing the quality and quantity of ideas?  What are the limitations or risks in using such tools?
  3. What is the innovation agenda in an economic downturn?  Should firms adapt their approach to innovation in these tough times?

Confirmed Speakers
Tim Thorne, Group Innovation Director, RBS
Amanda West, Director of Innovation, Reuters
Paul Excell, Chief Customer Innovation Officer, BT
Martin Chyla, Innovation Director, Mars Central Europe

Chair: Julian Birkinshaw, Professor of Strategic & International Management and Co-founder of the MLab

15.00   Registration
15.30   Symposium starts
17.15   Symposium ends; drinks reception


Innovation Symposium, December 9th 2008, at 3pm
MLab at London Business School


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Innovation Symposium

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