Management Experimentation

March 24, 2010

17.00 – 19.30
London Business School

How companies can pilot new ways of working in a low-risk and rigorous way

To make fundamental improvements in your management model, you need to be prepared to experiment with new and unproven ways of working. But it’s not a trivial matter to change the way you manage: the new approach may or may not work, and most people are comfortable with the status quo.

This MLab seminar focuses on the concept of experimentation in management. Building on the well-known principles of experimentation in research (e.g. before and after measures, treatment and control groups), the speakers will talk about how you can put in place a low-risk experiment to establish the value of your new idea, without disrupting the entire organisation.



Professor Julian Birkinshaw, London Business School, will lead the seminar. He will talk about the need for experimentation in management, drawing on the ideas in his forthoming book, Reinventing Management: Smarter Choices for Getting Work Done. He will also discuss the principles of effective experimentation.

Graham Kill is the CEO of Irdeto, a medium-sized media content and security company based in the Netherlands and China. Graham will talk about his decision in 2007 to experiment with a dual-core HQ for Irdeto, as a way of overcoming the “dominant mothership” mentality in the organisation. He will talk about how he has monitored the changes in Irdeto over the last three years, and the changes in behaviour and attitude that the dual-core HQ has brought about.

Paul Lambert is Chief Architect – Global Informatics for Roche, the Basel-based Pharmaceuticals company. He will describe a specific experiment that he and a team of colleagues put in place to challenge the bureaucracy in the company. They conducted a three-month experiment with two treatment groups and two control groups, and they achieved impressive results.


March 24th Schedule

16.30 – 17.00 Arrive at London Business School
17.00 – 18.45 Seminar
18.45 – 19.30 Drinks reception with speakers

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