Management 2.0™: Inventing the Future of Management

May 28, 2008

Half Moon Bay, California, USA

MLab’s inaugural conference on management innovation will bring together a group of radical thinkers and doers to define the “Grand Challenges” for 21st century management, and imagine possible solutions to them.

What would happen if you asked 30 of the world’s most progressive business thinkers to reinvent management for the 21st century?

What would happen if you encouraged them to throw out one hundred years’ worth of assumptions about how to organize human effort and start with a clean sheet of paper?

What would happen if you dared them to radically re-imagine the ways in which companies create strategies, make key decisions, allocate resources, mobilize talent, and coordinate activities?

What would happen if you challenged them to turn the conventional management model upside down with the goal of creating organizations that are as adaptable and innovative as the people who work there?

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The attendees are individuals who have demonstrated a capacity to imagine bold alternatives to the management status quo, an eclectic mix of visionary executives, provocative authors, renowned business school professors, and bleeding-edge technologists.

The goal of the conference is to catalyze the development of a series of specific proposals for reinventing management for the 21st century, by focusing on two primary questions:

First: What is management’s “Moonshot”? What are fundamental challenges in the ways large companies are typically structured, managed, or led that do most to impair their capacity to adapt, innovate, and/or inspire?

Second: What new approaches can we imagine to overcome these challenges, and what will it take to make substantial progress towards “Management 2.0”?

The outputs of the Conference will be published here in June – please return to add your thoughts on management challenges and solutions, or to get involved in creating the future of management!

Visions of the Future: Working in a Changing World

May 10, 2008
Wyboston Lakes, UK

Alan Matcham will address the 8th Annual Conference of the Association of Business Psychologists which, this year, focuses on “Visions of the Future: working in a changing world”.

More information to be available

Researching Management Innovation: New Insights, Future Challenges

April 26, 2008
London, UK

A joint seminar with the Advanced Institute of Management Research (AIM) to focus on current academic research in the field of management innovation. The speakers who will talk about their current research projects and also address the future research challenges in this area are:

Professors Gary Hamel, Julian Birkinshaw, Torben Pedersen and Andy Sturdy

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CIPD HRD 2008 Conference

April 16, 2008
ExCel centre, Docklands, London, UK

Management Innovation Seminar

What can organisations do to make their management practices more adaptable, flexible and responsive to change in order to stay ahead of the market? This seminar, based on emerging research from the London Business School, will feature two organisations who have implemented a systematic but flexible approach to innovation in their management and business practices. It will provide practical advice on how to nurture, support and sustain management innovation in order to drive competitive advantage.

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Inspiring the Leaders of the Future

April 13, 2008

Beach Rotana Hotel & Towers, Abu Dhabi, UAE

An Executive Management Conference featuring one of the world's most sought-after management authorities:

Professor Gary Hamel , supported by Professor Julian Birkinshaw

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NHS Master Class

April 3, 2008
London, UK

Alan Matcham will deliver a Master Class on Leading Innovation and Entrepreneurship within a large
Public Service Organisation

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The Future of Management

March 5, 2008
Johannesburg, South Africa
5 March 2008

The Future of Management, a one day conference led by professor Gary Hamel and hosted by the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) in partnership with LeadershipWorks.

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The Future of Business

February 7, 2008
QE2 conference centre, London, UK

In his new book “The Future of Management”, Gary Hamel sets out the agenda for management in the 21st century. He demonstrates that it is innovation in management rather than in operations, products or strategies that is most likely to create long-term advantage.

At this conference Hamel will set out in detail how organisations can get a head start on the future by building tomorrow’s best practices today.

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